Get Ready for Your Newest Office Challenge: Making Your Human and Robot Employees Get Along

The growth of machine learning within companies ultimately raises the type of existential questions that executives don't like to confront: How many of us will actually work with machines in the future?

The reality is that change is inevitable, so companies need to work on ensuring a soft landing for those currently doing the type of functional or repetitive tasks that automation can do better.

For some, that may mean retraining or upskilling staff to get the most out of their institutional knowledge and experience. Others, however, will inevitably find employees automated out of a job, just like those at Foxconn, which in 2016 replaced 60,000 workers with robots.

Chris Hovde

Global People Movement Lead
@ TeliaCompany - Olso
As the Global People Movement Lead in Telia, Chris Hovde has made it all the way to the top. He is an entrepenour, blogger, advisor, and even more. Buisnesses have been founded, companies have been led, and as the former New Generation HR Manager in Telia, he is here to make a change. Ambitious, goaldriven, results-oriented, innovative and as a change-oriented leader is how he describes himself. 

Key Learnings: 

·         What are the economics of profitable Co-working spaces? 

·         Crucial Ffactors in a coworking business in the Nordics at the moment. 

·         The power of commuinty and what it takes to build a network of the like-minded people will  scale your business quickly.