Oslo Municipality Case - Digital Workplace Employee Journey:  Technology Adoption, Strategy  & Measurement

• Change the Mindset and Perception of employee engagement.
• What engagement and disengagement look like in an organization.
• Measurement and Improvement of employees engagement.

Thea Angelo

Workplace Implementation Lead
Oslo Municipality
Thea Angelo is the project manager of implementing Workplace in the Muncipality of Oslo; 55 000 employees in 47 different agencies. She’s been working for Oslo for 6 years in various agencies, and has broad knowledge of the complexity and fragmentation of the municipality: a modern municipality moving into the more digital environment is up against many challenges, as the workforce might not be as digital as the tools provided them. Thea’s main goal for implementing Workplace in Oslo is to make the employees more self sufficent, and to make their everyday worklife easier, especially for the non-pc users.