Beyond ABW: Establishing a Design & Technology based Employee Culture

Good office design delivers workspace solutions based on an understanding of what people say they want and need. Brilliant office design comes from validating those requirements with hard facts and delivering workspace solutions that go beyond expectations. This means providing a work space that anticipates your people’s needs, even if they haven’t articulated them. Evidence-based design takes time, it takes commitment, but the results will speak for themselves.

Marianne Csirmaz Steinsrud

Culture Director
@ Eidsiva bredbånd
Marianne has worked as the Culture Director at Eidsiva since 2014 and has been actively involved in the ABW journey that the company has gone through. During her speech she will be sharing the challenges, pitfall and success factors they have experienced during their journey. Eidsiva broadband is a Norwegian broadband supplier which started their ABW journey in 2013

Key Learnings

·         What are the economics of profitable Co-working spaces? 
·         Crucial Ffactors in a coworking business in the Nordics at the moment. 
·         The power of commuinty and what it takes to build a network of the like-minded people will  scale your business quickly.